Happy New Year!

I always plan on posting more often. But now that I have gotten around to doing it, I see that it has been over six months since my last update! So, it is officially my new year’s resolution to post more frequently than I have been. 

It has been a busy six-ish months since I returned from New York (see last post). That trip was fantastic in so many ways. It was my first trip since covid, my first time to New York, my first in-person writer’s conference, and my first pitch-fest. It was exciting to see the Big Apple with my lifelong travel buddies and pursue my passion at the same time.  

Since then, I have received a pile of ‘rite-of-passage’ rejections, though the full manuscript still sits on five desks. As I not-so-patiently wait to hear back, I have compiled some decent edit plans based on the great advice I have received along the way.  

After the sting of the first few rejections wore off, I went back up to the studio and wrote another. I learned so much writing the last manuscript that the process was a lot smoother this time. I promised myself I’d try plotting, and I initially did, but I have learned that it doesn’t work for me.  

Having the plot attempt helped me get going – but it got tossed out somewhere along the way.  I am nearly done with the first draft and I will be looking for beta readers for feedback soon. This book is much further from my life than the last one, which made the process much more fun. 

It is a mystery set in an industrial camp in a remote coastal area. It is full of twists, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Besides writing another manuscript, I have gotten up to a lot more.  On top of my daily marketing communications work, I have joined a couple of boards that I am proud to be a part of: Sisters in Crime Canada West and the Summerland Community Arts Council.  I have also started a chapter of a non-profit that I am passionate about called the inGIRLS Club.    

Oh! And we went to Disneyland! Most of you know I have two young children who had never been on a trip, not even on an airplane until last October. That was fun in so many different ways than my previous jet-setting life. Travelling as a family of four certainly had challenges that going alone does not. But it was so wonderful to see the joy in my kiddo’s eyes. The first plane, the first roller coaster etc. Who knew my daughter would be an absolute ride freak? Not me, heck no.  

Now that I have written it down, I can see how I neglected my website. Not this year, though. You will hear from me more in 2023. I wish you all a happy new year and thank you for reading.

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