What am I up to?

I promised to write more, so here I am! What am I up to?  I’m waiting for the excitement to wear off about getting my book published, but that hasn’t happened yet. I have moments of, is this even real, and of elation walking through bookstores picturing mine on the shelf. I daydream of what […]

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Happy New Year!

I always plan on posting more often. But now that I have gotten around to doing it, I see that it has been over six months since my last update! So, it is officially my new year’s resolution to post more frequently than I have been.  It has been a busy six-ish months since I […]

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The Thrill of ThrillerFest

This is me sitting in the ballroom. Moments before the organizers invited us to stand and line-up for PitchFest, an opportunity to speak with agents about our projects. By we, I mean what looked like three hundred other writers. And by we, I also mean myself and two others chatting nervously at a table in […]

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